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When the Cobra Lunges- You’ll Want More!

Watch out for the new Cobra, it’s bound to bite. Nissan’s concept car, the Cobra N+ Tuning has a veritable arsenal of goodies for those interested: a V6 engine, packing about 400+ horsepower. Also, it’s a four-wheel drive, providing a more sustainable assault for the new century’s road warriors.

Cobra Technology has been employed in the conceptualization of the Nissan Cobra, and uses sport air filters. Metal catalysts will also be introduced into the exhaust system of this one, and has minimized alloy wheels for more room inside. The interior is a mixture of sleek leather material and Alcantara. Watch out for the Cobra in spring, as it takes on its competitors in a cobra-biting match to the finish.

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Old School Mazda 3 Gets a Revamp

Everyone will fall in love with the Mazda 3 when it becomes available in the world market. The hatchback edition, which is European-modeled has five doors and retains the sport-inclined driving and handling of the original Mazda 3.

It’s safe and fun to drive. The Mazda 3 has literally blown the top of judges around the world by getting more than 90 awards worldwide. Now that’s the kind of acclaim that you can count on.

It can be counted as one of the traditional yet “green-inclined” cars because Mazda was able to build it with the environmental issues of the past years in mind. Mazda calls it the “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom”- which means less emissions and more acceleration at a more affordable price tag.

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Why is this Roadster 4 Million Yen More Expensive?

Another roadster from well-loved Japan, the Himiko Roadster, from equally known Mitsuoka has been based on the MX-5 by Mazda. It’s classy, looks the part of a classic too. But it’s way more expensive roadster than the Mazda MX-5, 6.65 million yen.

A bit of history: roadsters became vogue in Japan after the introduction of British roadsters. The design itself is mostly English, with the addition of a few stylistic features that are Japanese. Because of roadsters are mostly narrow, they are fit for city driving. Simple and clean lines are also a plus to the roadster- they’re classy but not showy. Then you have the horsepower too- but if you want a racetrack worthy car, don’t get a roadster.

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MX-5 Roadster: The Roadster Beckons

In Hiroshima, a restructured and redesigned Japanese roadster has been unveiled. The MX-5, produced by Mazda is priced at a smooth 2 million yen, and has a power-driven and retractable top. Best for those who like the clean fresh air when driving in the mountains. The electric roof system is really the focal point of this roadster, as the hang-ups of other roof systems have really soured the market.

But you know Mazda- when it says that this is going to work it will work. The MX-5 roadster features what Mazda calls the Jinba Ittai approach, which means a seamless union of the one driving and the machine operating. The alloy wheels come in two distinct sizes, and seats are comfortable. What more can you ask for?

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Touch the Matte Finish- It’s IWC and Mercedes Benz!

The handsome car in the picture is the SL63 AMG Edition, made by Mercedes Benz in cooperation with IWC. Why is it that the really good cars are always limited edition. Imagine, in contrast with the millions of cars that Nissan and Toyota produce for just one country, Mercedes Benz and IWC are only producing 200 of these beauties. 10 are going to Canada, while the others will be spread out to other countries.

No, they’re not going to use leather for the interior- but the units will have an enviable matte finish. For the interiors and trimmings they’re going to use carbon fiber. What a way to go, considering that carbon fiber is less expensive than real leather, and is durable in itself.

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Fuel Cells in Rapid Development

Mercedes is also getting in the green car bandwagon, and plans to wow the crowd with the future production of Blue Zero cars running on their specially designed E-Plus electric cells. Right now, there are three types of electric cells: the E-Cell, the E-Plus Cell and the F-Cell. Like cellular phones, the car cells will be utilizing lithium ion to make the electric drives work more efficiently.

How efficient are these new Blue Zero cells? Well, according to internal testing, the fuel cells can support the car for about 75 miles until it loses its power. Then you have to plug it in again. Hybrids like this are all competing on who’s got more oomph in the long run.

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Thinking about Motorsport: Does It Really Prove Anything?

It’s time for Audi to prove its mettle once again in the LeMans 24 Hours. With the current economic slowdown, it’s time for Audi to prove that its mean machines can competitively face off with other brands.

Let’s put it this way. It has been a long tradition for automotive brands to gain prestige (or infamy) by participating in motorsport. If your brand wins, it sticks to people’s minds. It’s instant publicity.

But just how important are competitions to proving just how stable or dependable a car is for regular users? That’s the provocative question that needs to be answered. Let’s not forget that cars participating in motorsport have been especially fine-tuned to win.

But are regular machines fine-tuned to really deliver according to their specifications, or can they offer more to mainstream consumers?

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Keep Your Focus on the Road

Nothing beats a nice Ford Focus for daily driving. If you opt for regular cars, then go to Ford. With a price tag of ₤24,000, it’s already in global markets everywhere in the world. The Focus RS has a long and proud history spanning more than thirty years. The first Focus was released in the 1970s.

Like all Ford cars, Focus holds the distinction of being a mud and gravel grappler, and emphasizes the safety of its passengers. Unlike other high-performance cars, the Focus RS only has a V5 engine and can exceed about 160 mph.

As they say, with a Ford you can’t go wrong. The Focus RS is more of a family car more than anything else. What do you think?

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German Apollo Mission Destined to Set Roads on Fire

Make way for the new GUMPERT Apollo- a German made car that is currently celebrating its 40th unit. At top speeds going well beyond 300 kilometers per hour, the GUMPERT Apollo, according the car magazine AUTOCAR “The most exciting car to ever wear number plates.” Are they overdoing the praising? Not really.

GUMPERT cars are European cars that can take on any US sports car any day. European designs are loaded with heavier car parts for more endurance. It’s like matching horses- GUMPERTS are Arabian horses that sweat blood at top speed.

The new Apollo has racetrack capabilities. So if you’re ready to take first pole position, it’s time to think how to get yourself behind one of these machines. Go!

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1,287 Horsepower, and It Looks Like a Toy

Where’s James Bond? Or better yet, where’s the rich dude who’s driving this mean Aero? Shelby SuperCars are really breaking a leg with the new line of aerodynamic and space-age-styled SuperCars. The one above is the 2009 SSC Ultimate Aero, which promises 15% more power than its predecessors.

For those of you who haven’t been in tune with the trends in car manufacturing, the SSC are known for limited-production line ups. That’s right, you have to buy quickly once they release, because those things are really limited in number. How much horsepower?

1287 horsepower. Such substantial displacement can be put into good use if you’re after the F3 or something similar. Want to know how it feels like to walk in the air?

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